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How we work

CCL works flexibly to delivery high value quickly. Unlike some consultancy businesses, we avoid long-term projects or retainers. We are transparent in our fee structure and invoicing and treat our independence and your confidentiality as our highest priorities


CCL operates on a completely independent basis - assisting businesses to increase their market influence, profile, reputation, sales and client base, but never expecting or accepting sales bonuses or incentives.



CCL operates on a flexible basis. You can call on help and support at any time. This includes phone calls or meetings, holding diary slots and then cancelling if necessary, without any penalty and only ever paying for actual time used. 

However, clients are asked to note that CCL time is limited. Associates and sub-contractors are not deployed unless agreed; this has the advantage of ensuring maximum value is delivered in the shortest time for the lowest cost, with a known expert.


Fees are billed only when work is concluded, or in stages as clients wish (and are entirely happy). Detailed time records are kept, demonstrating exactly what has been delivered.

Day rates are generally fixed, with a discount for public sector clients and if a commitment is made for 5 days (even if this is not used in practice). CCL has a GCloud entry.


All consultancy rates exclude reasonable and agreed expenses, and VAT, which will be added. Any increase in fee rates will always be notified in advance.

Short and focused


Consultancy assignments are always short and only ever invoiced when specific work agreed in advance, is delivered and value clear. Wherever possible there is always a strong element of skills and knowledge transfer. 

Methods used

We use a range of methods and research to ensure you get the value you need. Much of this is drawn on 30 years of experience and learning from others across industry over that time. Typically, outputs will be well-structured, customised and practical reports, whether for research or to give clients a practical steer to improvement and growth. Specific methods will be discussed for individual assignments where requested. 

Client confidentiality

Client confidentiality is our highest priority. CCL is happy to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) to confirm this. Whilst cross-sector experience is part of the value CCL brings, this never compromises commercial or personal interests, and client privacy and confidentiality are paramount. Any conflicts of interest are always made visible, and GDPR compliance is vigorously maintained.

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