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Tech trends 2019 - a Socitm report

This overview document has full public access and outlines our proposition for and is the precursor to the launch of a five-part series due to be launched at ShareDigital 2019.

Cyber risk management lies at the heart of ‘digital’ in any organisation – but perhaps nowhere more than the public sector.

Today’s digital public services not only span a wide range of critical functions that touch the lives of everyone in the community, but they hold a great deal of sensitive data that would have immense commercial value, if it fell into the wrong hands.

Clearly, protecting these assets on behalf of the public, as well as the digital infrastructure and systems on which they depend, is a top priority for organisations such as local councils.

Typically, it falls to the head of IT to ensure the necessary cyber protection and resilience for this data, and associated systems and infrastructure – after all, that is what IT security is all about. And with the high degree of automation, self-service, new cloud models, and complex IT processing supply chains, this task is getting more complex. IT leaders need to find new ways of assessing and managing cyber risk.

Socitm’s latest research and guidance looks at this broad and changing cyber picture. It is aimed not just at IT leaders, but anyone involved in or concerned about cyber risk management in the public sector – especially local councils.

To access the rest of the report:

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