The ambition of CCL is to help the public and the private sectors to work better together, by exploiting digital opportunities afforded by technology

Jos Creese

I established CCL in 2015, after a 30-year career across the public sector. Specifically, CCL seeks to improve how the public and private sectors work together to take advantage of technology possibilities.

There is so much missed opportunity for both clients and suppliers, often because of relatively minor issues and obstacles which are readily overcome. That’s what motivates me to provide the services, insight and constructive challenge that CCL offers


We believe that the real value from technology comes by aligning the IT opportunity with the business needs of the public sector.


Contact us for a discussion about this and how it can benefit your organisation.

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What clients say

“Working with Jos for the past two years has been a real privilege and I have been very impressed by his professionalism and dedication to client success”

“We often call on Jos's unique insights to help our clients position themselves strategically”

I'm constantly surprised by both the extremely high quality and the quantity of the work that Jos produces”